CSR & Sustainability


CSR & Sustainability

A fundamental element of Ragolds' philosophy is to actively practice our corporate responsibility: economically as well as ecologically, legally as well as ethically. In our view, our future viability will be the result of a corporate policy based on efficiency, sustainability and humanity.

Our qualified and motivated employees form a key pillar of our success. Fair salaries, modern workplaces, an open and transparent culture, training opportunities and attractive perks, strengthen cooperation amongst employees. The compatibility of family life and work is an issue that we address as a matter of conviction, by offering flexible working hours and childcare in our company kindergarten.

In terms of climate protection and environmental preservation, we stringently ensure that we use resources sparingly. Measures include energy-optimised production processes, reduced emissions and waste and the careful selection of our raw materials.

We are also actively committed to the "Plant-for-the-Planet" initiative launched by 9-year old Felix Finkbeiner in 2007. The aim of this initiative is to plant 500 billion trees worldwide, thereby reducing to zero or compensating for all our CO2 emissions by 2050. Based on the slogan "Stop talking. Start planting." we not only donate 0.1 per thousand of our annual turnover but have also set up a children's academy and are involved in planting campaigns.

We comply with a policy of social conduct, as a matter of course, as do our suppliers. A respect for human dignity, strict compliance with legal employment regulations, prohibition of child labour and the rejection of corruption are basic principles that we unequivocally uphold and support.



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